Oregon SE332 Zone Trainer 2.0 ECG Heart Rate Monitor Watch Black

By Oregon ORG008
EAN 4891475343633

About This Product

Main Features
• Heart Rate Zone Trainer
• Fashionable, stylish Design
• ECG heart rate measuring technology
• No Chest Belt Required
• Show Kcal burnt
• Tap-on-Lens display
• Average / Maximum heart rate reading
• EL backlight
• Stopwatch

Fashionable, stylish and feminine are not words you would usually associate with a sports watch until you find the Oregon Scientifics SE332 Heart Rate Zone Trainer is explicitly designed for healthy women on the go. It functions as both a watch and a heart rate monitor using ECG technology. Get quick and accurate heart rate readings by placing two fingers on lens sensor. Maximises comfort levels by replacing the need of chest belt. Tap-on-lens design conveniently to view exercise data with the tap of finger. Fashionable, stylish and feminine design is easy to mix-and-match.
This SE332 Heart Rate Zone Trainer combines watches with professionally accurate heart rate monitors for  functionality and good looks to accompany women on workouts. Quickly read your heart performance by simply tapping your finger on the lens during your run or while your exercise. The zone trainers perform the same tasks more masculine, bulky heart rate monitoring watches do in a more elegant way! 

SE332 Heart Rate Zone Trainer is beautiful and sleek, decorated with stylish printed patterns. Its soft silicon watch strap ensures that it stays gentle on delicate skin, allowing skin to breathe while minimizing irritation
caused by sweat from working out. 

SE332 Heart Rate Zone Trainer with ECG Technology
SE332 utilizes ECG technology to liberate you from wearing a chest belt for a more comfortable workout. All you have to do to monitor your heart rate is place 1 or 2 fingers on the lens sensor, which will then tell you all you need to know about your performance in just a few seconds. 

Electrocardiography (ECG technology) 
ECG is a trans-thoracic interpretation of electrical activity of the heart over time captured and externally recorded by skin electrodes, which means measuring the electrical signals on your skin. 

ECG Heart Rate monitor operation
This ECG measurement is obtained when you place two fingers from one hand on the two sensors on the op of the watch attached to your opposite arm. This creates a loop across your body that the watch can ow read. 

 • Heart rate monitor
 • ECG heart rate measuring technology
 • Show Kcal burnt
 • Tap-on-Lens display
 • Heart rate monitor alert
 • Average / Maximum heart rate reading 
 • Stopwatch
 • Clock, calendar, alarm
 • EL backlight
 • Diameter: 40mm
 • Battery power: CR2032 button cell 

Box Size: 65W x 110H x 160L  ( mm )
Boxed Weight: 175                    (g )

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